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Importers that need Customs release services:
We'll file documents to clear your cargo and obtain Customs release.  Contact us for pricing based on the particular items being imported.
Download the Power of Attorney and return it by .pdf email attachment to ops@usbinc.com or fax to +1.630.238.0508.
a) The Power of Attorney must be signed by a corporate officer to be valid.  (President, Vice-President, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, Managing Director)
b) Any valid government issued photo ID for the signature on the POA is required.
c) If you are a US Corporation, do not complete the bottom Corporate Certification.
e) Please provide a Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and Bill of Lading (or Air Waybill).  If you do not have these we can try to obtain them from the carrier.
f) Please describe each item being imported, including the material, intended use, and any other technical specifications that apply to the item(s).  A picture, or webpage (webpages) that shows the item(s) may prove helpful to expedite the release of the cargo.

Broker to Broker:
Neutral services and entry filings are provided by us as a normal course of daily business.
We file regularly for:
1) RLF brokerage firms with an entry needing an SEB at broker to broker rates,
2) Brokerage firms that has a one-time customer where it is determined there is an advantage to turn the one-timer over to us to file entry for a variety of corporate and regulatory reasons.  We do all the work. We bill you, then you bill your client.
Complete a Credit Application for billing terms.  Provide us with a copy of your POA on file to evidence you have authority to give a Sub-POA. Provide the POA and Sub-POA as .pdf attachment to ops@usbinc.com or fax to +1.630.238.0508.

Our Services

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